Rules and Regulations

Mahan Virtual Airline  Policy :

Before filling out the form, please read  our registration terms and policy carefully ;

  1. Mahan Virtual Airline is a Virtual Airline that supports users of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or Microsoft FSX.
  2. The Applicant must be over the Age of 16 at the date of application.
  3. The applicant must be able to post their first flight report within 14 days of acceptance.
  4. The applicant must have the ability to fly with Microsoft FS2004 or FSX.
  5. Each individual person is only allowed to have one registered account.
  6. Membership registration must contain the member’s real first, last name and other information. A false user data will result in the account being suspended.
  7. To remain as an active member of Mahan Virtual Airline, members must post at least one flight report per month, otherwise, he/she will be marked as an Inactive Member.
  8. Upon registration, you must provide a valid, working E-mail address to be used for communications about the Mahan Virtual Airline). It is the member’s responsibility to make sure that the address on his/her profile is valid at all the times.
  9. Pilots are reminded that when using online Air Traffic Simulation Networks ( IVAO, etc.), that they are an ambassador of (Mahan Virtual Airline) when using IRM call sign (Mahan Air)  therefore pilots are to exercise good manners and are not to engage in an argument over the networks.
  10. The applicant must have the ability to read and speak English.
  11. Your phone number and E-mail will not be distributed or sold to any outside party. Your e-mail will not be displayed in any circumstances, The membership department uses it only to inform you of updates and changes.